Friday, June 11, 2010

Pictures of 1 Rachel Imanu #17

So here they are...the long awaited pictures of my apartment. Going to get ready for shabbat in a little bit so I will put another update up tomorrow. Shabbat Shalom!My bedroom. Sorry i didn't make my bed. :0 yes, that is blankie and my teddy bear on the bed...couldn't go anywhere without them
Here is the full bathroom. the shower is smaller than any normal person would like, but it works....soooo I guess i shouldn't really complain.
The hallway. This picture makes it look a lot longer than it really is.
The dining room table. Yes, that is a bookshelf with tons of books...good thing i'm an ed student and not a rabbi!
The kitchen. It's pretty packed with food in this picture, but that's because we're preparing for Shabbat!
And here is the chillin' area! People are just hanging out! The couches are super if anyone is wanting to stay the night you have something to sleep on!

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