Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Week of School...come and gone

Sorry for the days gap since my last post. I have been rather busy. During my days things happen and I think to myself, "I have to put this in the blog". Since I have had many of those moments over the past couple days this post might seem a little "outta control" as I like to say.
The other evening, not sure exactly which one, Sara and I went out to dinner on Ben Yehuda. Since I have been here there has been a big stage kind of set up at the bottom of Ben Yehuda (on Yaffo). I was told it was the MTV of Israel and that it is normally filmed in Tel Aviv but they moved it down to Jerusalem for a few weeks. Outside of the contraption there is a big screen as to allow onlookers to see what celebrities and guests are on the show at that moment. As an American I am rather out of the loop of Israeli pop culture (shocking, I know), but the night I was there with Sara Hadag Nachash was there! For those of you who don't know who Hadag Nachash is, there are a very popular music group here in Israel and when I was in High School I got to see them perform at Zellerbach (sp?) Hall at UC Berkely. So it was very cool seeing them in their usual element. Needless to say when I first got in to their music I was rather obsessed...even though I had no idea what any of their songs meant.
Next, Yesterday was a very relaxing day. I was able to sleep in till 1030. I had planned to clean the rest of the house and finish the last load of laundry I wasn't able to do on Thursday. Well I woke up to a note on my door from Nathan, a rabbinical student who has been crashing on my couch, say "DON'T USE THE WASHING MACHINE! THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH IT!" This was not very comforting. I was informed that when he went to take my clothes out of the wash and put them in the dryer he got an electric shock. So I called my landlord and informed him of the situation and said he will send someone out tomorrow to take a look at it. So, I still haven't been able to wash my darks yet. But good news to all of you, my clothes didn't shrink so you can rip up the checks you were gonna send or out the money back in your wallets, but I would also like to say thank you for your willingness to offer a hand :) haha
Last night for Shabbat we all went to Kol Hanishama for services and then some of us went back to Mike's apartment for Shabbat dinner. It was a lot of fun and very yummy. One of the popular fruits here in Israel is watermelon, and last night at Shabbat dinner Ryan brought watermelon with him. So naturally I ask for salt, since that's only what I have been doing since I remember mom sending me to the JCC with watermelon and a little thing of salt. Everyone looks at me with shock, confusion, and disgust. They don't understand why I would want to put Salt on my watermelon. So I convince them all to try it, and Ryan was the only one that had anything positive to say, and even then it wasn't the best thanks Dad for raising your children to have apparently weird eating habits.
This morning we went to services at HUC and all of us new students were called up to do an Aliyah together, I wish we were able to take pictures at the moment because it was very cool and I was very proud of myself. The service was two and a half hours long, but at least this week was more entertaining and enjoyable than last week.
Ben is moving in tonight so I am trying to get everything ready to go for him, but I am just so tired I don't want to move. Since Ben and I both need our student visas we are going to go to the consulate one day and just sit there with a guitar and seeing really poorly and loudly with signs around our necks saying "we will shut up for student visas". It is apparently impossible to get an appointment with the consulate so we figured out best option was to just go there and wait all day....I mean they are going to have to get rid of us eventually..right?
Well now it's off to finish my homework for school tomorrow...we have to write a paragraph about where we want to live and why....and yes, this time I am fully aware it needs to be in Hebrew. That's all for now :)

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