Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ben, Nathan, Me, and Ricky
Always got to show my Delta Love!!!

So I am officially 22! It doesn't really feel like my birthday, it might be the non existent presents, or the fact that 22 isn't a momentous there anything you can do at 22 that you couldn't do at 21? If you can think of anything let me know.
So today I had my orientation for HUC. It was very exciting for all of us students to finally be together in one area. There were only two people I hadn't met yet... There is this big joke that if anyone needs to know anything about anyone else, or who someone is, I am the person to go to...I am apparently a pro facebook stalker! :)
For now I am at the apartment with one of my roommates hanging out and waiting to go out for the evening. One of the Rabbinical students is having people over at his house tonight for my birthday and then we are going to this place called The Colony which is a bar / Restaurant. I am hoping to take a lot of photo's tonight, but lately people have not been cooperating with my desire / everyone's requests to see what is going on. Sorry, I am doing my best!
During orientation we were assigned out Ulpan groups, I am in group 2 and there are 8 of us. Luckily this group has a lot of my friends in it so we can study together. I also received my syllabus for my education classes and while we had an assignment emailed to us separately I saw we have an assignment due next month....I have a feeling these teachers don't realize I just graduated from college and would really appreciate some kind of summer vacation. I guess I might just have to tell them... :D
I was really excited when I went grocery shopping and saw that Israel has my favorite....ARIZONA ICE TEA!!!! who would have ever guessed?!
Any-hoo I need to start getting ready for the evening but I am going to post some pictures too!


  1. Jac-O! Sounds like you're getting settled in just fine! I'm glad that you are having a great birthday and getting to explore and celebrate. You are very funny, and I would agree a slight facebook stalker....funny how your friends already know so much about you after only meeting you a week ago! Anyways, I understand it may not be all that convenient to take a gazillion pictures, however I think we are all awaiting pictures of your APARTMENT....which I don't think requires anyone's cooperation. Anyways, keep the posts coming, because I love hearing how everything's going! Love you and miss you bunches....and HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY! (oh and I don't think there is anything you can do differently at 22 than 21)

  2. Hi Jaqui
    I love reading everthing keep up the good work. Love the pictures you look great.