Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Hostel is Officially a NO SHOE ZONE! (and pictures)

In this blog are pictures from the Shabbat at my apartment, the whole 1 picture I took while at
the beach in Tel Aviv and yes, my A test :)!

First and foremost the most exciting first Hebrew Exam was an A! I am sooooo happy. It was the 2nd highest grade in my class. WooHoo. Here is the picture to prove it for those of you who might be questioning this important and exciting piece of information: sorry that it is sideways...

Next and the news my family will be the most excited and impressed by is that I spent a large portion of my day cleaning the hostel (my apartment). Ben moved in last night and today Ricky moved out and Ben took Ricky's room. Ben is kinda a neat a very good way, so Ben took the "broom" and swept his room. To my disgust there was sooo much dust and dead bugs we immediately went out to the supermarket to buy cleaning supplies. I bought bleach, a mop, clorox spray, sponges and a couple other things. We swept and mopped the entire floor of the apartment, went to dinner with Ryan and Sara then came back and I cleaned the entire shower and bathroom sink. The shower alone took me about an hour. I think I have just been in denial about how dirty the apartment was. I am so proud of myself for cleaning, but there is still a long ways to go. Whenever I have some free time I will be cleaning the apartment. Since it took me so long to clean the floors the apartment is officially a shoe free apartment. The tile is white and attracts all kinds of dirt and dust and I don't feel it is necessary to have to buy baby wipes to clean my feet before I go to bed so I figured the best solution was to not allow anyone to wear shoes in here. With that being said I officially have a new found respect for 1) the cleaning ladies of the world and 2) my parents. I don't think I will ever make a mess again, or at least I will try my best not to...LOVE YOU!
Now pictures from the Shabbat I hosted at my apartment.

My beautiful table setting. I cooked the entire meal by myself. People offered to help, but of course I refused! I made a capresse salad, and two kinds of pastas. Also, while I was cooking dinner everyone had brie and crackers to snack on.

Here are Ricky (left) and Mike (right) with my surprise Birthday cake. It was really good and the candles in the cake for those of you who were wondering at Shabbat Candles. They were really good at keeping this a secret because I had NO clue they were doing this for me! I love you guys!

Here is a birds eye view of my cake...there might have been 22 chocolate dots...I never actually counted.

Now here are pictured of Nina and I from our first Shabbat morning service and HUC. Nina and I are both Education students, but Nina will be attending the New York School of Education and I will be heading off to LA.

Later that day after these pictures were taken I went to Tel Aviv. Yes, I epically failed and only took one picture the whole day, but not to worry I know I will be going to Tel Aviv many more times and will take more pictures then. But when I was in Tel Aviv I was able to see Alli, a friend from Temple and I was able to get a shot of the two of us together.

It was soooo hot and humid that day in Tel Aviv but Alli informed me that all I need to do is go to the beach whenever I can and I too can be as tan as she is! WooHoo!

Well on Tuesday I have a vocab exam so tomorrow will be spent studying for that. I miss you all so much and thanks so much for the support I am getting. Please feel free to pass this blog on to anyone that may be interested in my journeys...i mean really...who wouldn't be interested!!! xoxoxoxo

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