Thursday, June 10, 2010

Birthday Summary

So my birthday is officially over! All in all my birthday was a HUGE success. It was so nice being around sooo many people. Greg's house was a lot of fun. He had bread, cheese, and hummus out for us to munch on and wine and other assortments of beverages for our enjoyment as well. Sara and Ben bought me a present...a pink coffee mug that says "Happy Birthday" on the outside and "you are great" on the inside. They also got me a purple and pink scarf which is great since I didn't bring any with me. (one of the many items Uncle Dennis will be bringing along with him in my / his suitcase). After spending about an hour or so at greg's we went to the restaurant I had mentioned before. The place was really good, I had artichoke raviolis. The only bad part was that there was a band of some sort playing and the music was so loud I couldn't talk to anyone at the table.
No one let me pay for dinner, which I really appreciate since I am broke, but in no way expected or wanted them to do that. So like I said, it was a great day! I am going to add in all the photos of the day and explain who is who so now when I start writing about people everyone can put a face with a name.
Thank you to everyone who called, wrote on my wall, sent me an email, or contacted me to whatever degree to wish me a happy birthday. This was one of the best birthdays I have had in a couple years, and it would not have been as great with out your warm wishes! Thanks again!

This is Sara and I. Sara is one of my closest friends here and is a Cantorial Student. She is making my choice of LA education versus the NY education program very challenging.

Me and Ben! Ben is another Cantorial student with Sara. (he was in a picture i put on the last blog). Ben and Sara are the two that bought me the birthday mug and scarf.

Here are Sara, Ben, and Laura. Laura is the 3rd Cantorial student who is here right now. She is staying with me in the apartment for the month of June. Laura is sooo sweet. She brought me a birthday card from back home!!!! Gotta love them all!

Here Laura and I are...this first picture is the good one....
this is the bad one since Ben was trying to tell us something is Hebrew and neither of us understood what the heck he was saying. :)

Ben and Nina. Nina is an education student as well! Woohoo!!! Unfortunately she is going to the New York Education program rather than LA...see my decision is still not a good one. :) When Nina and I first met the other day she asked if we could be best friends and play dress up! Friends from day 1!
This picture is not significant other than we made Ben put on the very pretty Marc Jakobs bag....I said he had to since it was my birthday... :)
If only it were really mine!
The 2 educators! Nina and I.
Ricky, me and Toba. Ricky is one of my roommates for the month of June and is a Rabbinical student who is heading off to Cincinnati after the year here. Toba is also a Rabbinical student and she is heading off to NY after the year. Toba used to live in the bay and worked for Oakland Midrasha....CRAZY SMALL WORLD!

This is the lovely Carlie. Carlie is a Rabbinical student. Like Ben she isn't doing the pre Ulpan but since she was just leading a birthrite trip decided to just stay here instead of flying home for a month. Carlie is super sweet!!!!! aslo going to NY... humph :(

Ryan, another Rabbinical student who is going guessed it NY after the year in Israel. I think we are all starting to see the trend here! Ryan and I bonded when we went to the grocery store and he purchased dover soap and deodorant in none other than the cucumber melon favorite scent!
Since I told Eric (the guy to the right of Ryan) that Ryan purchased dove deodorant....he couldn't help but smell the goodness.
Here are all the Rabbinical students minus one or two. Now let me clarify by saying these are not all the students for the year, just the ones that are here for the month of June for the pre-ulpan.

So now you have all met / been introduced to my friends so far in Israel.
Some of the things I am missing from the US:
  1. Target
  2. Free Refills at restaurants
  3. Quiet evenings
  4. Smoke free restaurants
  5. Gallon containers of Arizona Iced Tea
I think that's all I can think of for now...but I will let you know more when they pop in to my head!

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