Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Day of the Rest of My Life

here it was....the first official day of Ulpan and with it my first Cantillation class. The morning started off a little rough, missed my 18 bus to school so I had to take the 21 which drops us off a block over and 3 or 4 blocks down from school rather than right in front. So, Kitah Bet was not bad at all! At first I was a little intimidated because the teacher was speaking a lot faster than my pre ulpan teachers had and her voice is kind of nasal like. After the first part of the class I was very much in my element and felt really good about the class. The schedule for today is a little funky. We have a 30 min break at 10am and then a 15 min break at they really don't give us time to eat lunch.
After school was over I went with two friends, Sam and Ashley, to the Mamilla Deli to get lunch since we didn't actually get to eat lunch today. I had a turkey sandwich and it was amazing. I am really starting to notice that this country is obsessed with pesto....they want to put pesto on everything! So after our lovely lunch date we headed back to school where I edited my paper for my Education seminar tomorrow. I am really glad I took the time to edit it...I may have just graduated college, but taking months off from writing papers definitely did me in. After my hour and a half of paper editing I attended my first Cantillation class. Now, for education students Cantillation isn't required, but of course I wanted to take it. There are two different classes, an easy one and a hard one. Tamar, the head of the Cantorial program here is Israel told us that the easy class is for people that don't know Cantillation and that aren't that musically inclined, and the harder one is for people that know Cantillation and know music. So my issue was that I don't know Cantillation and I can read some extent. So I figured I would try the harder of the two classes and if I needed I would switch down next week. And guess what?!?!?! Jaqui McCabe will be staying in the advanced class! Granted today was the first day and it was just going over Torah Trope I was a pro! I got really scared when all the people from the easy class came out freaking out saying they were never going to be able to ready Torah trope but it turns out I am better than I thought!
So after Cantillation I took the bus home since I had a million things in my backpack and there was no way I was going to carry that heavy thing home. I immediately plopped myself down on the couch, watched some stuff on my computer and slept for an hour. It was great! I definitely needed the nap. I woke up and packed up my things to go downstairs and do my hebrew homework. I was joined by some of the newbies (the people not in pre-ulpan) who had just returned from their walking the psalms tour that I did earlier in the summer. They loved it! Then I noticed Moshe was at work tonight..which was weird since he told me he normally goes to school on Sunday nights, so I will have to ask him about that on Tuesday. I told him how I was not happy that he didn't come for our playstation date to which he told me that he went somewhere (not in Jerusalem) to visit his family. I said ok, but he can't let that happen again :). I had Moshe correct my paragraph I had to write for class tomorrow and part of my paragraph was about how I was a soloist at a Synagogue in Arizona. As an orthodox Jew you can only imagine the kind of reaction he had to this. He asked me if I wear a Tallit and if I read from the Torah and I told him yes and I seriously thought he was going to have a heart attack. After this Moshe and I had a good conversation (with the help of google translate) about the differences between Reform Judaism and Orthodoxy....I think I got some points across especially when I told him that we too believe that we are the children of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac, and Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, and Sarah. I don't think he realized that we knew these kinds of things.
Anyhoo, now I am in bed and need to go to sleep! Long day tomorrow! Miss you all so much! please leave comments on my postings! i love them!


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