Sunday, February 6, 2011


Well this week, to say the least has been very uneventful. School has been school. I had my first Hebrew test of the semester and went in feeling very uneasy. I even wanted to ask my teacher if I could wait till the end of the week to take the test because I was that uncomfortable with the material. But, I chugged through it and managed to come out with getting at 80%! I was very excited about it. I apparently knew more than I thought I did which was also exciting. I also went out to dinner with Rabbi Graetz and Sharon. We went to a place called the colony. It was the same place all my friends took me to for my birthday back in June. It was really delicious as well as exciting to hang out with Rabbi Graetz outside of his role as Rabbi.

This week we have colloquium. I am not actually sure what the definition of colloquium is, but we are all saying it’s 4 days of hell. We are discussing the very interesting topics of G-d, Torah, and Israel…. something after 8 months of being in Israel we clearly have to gotten around to talking about yet – NOT! Hello people… we are at a Reform Seminary in Jerusalem, all we talk about are G-d, Torah, and Israel. So I am sure you’re all wondering why we are calling this the 4 days of hell, well it is my please to let you know that because of this amazing colloquium we have school Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Because someone obviously thought it was a good idea to tell a bunch of people that really value their weekend sleeping time that they need to come to school at 830am every day. Clearly whoever thought that was a good idea is a morning person and has never met me when I don’t get enough sleep.

While the colloquium was in reality very interesting (even though I can’t relay the information to you) there is a lot of frustration about the scheduling of the program.

And now, a very important message…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UNCLE DENNIS! (even though this is going to be posted after the fact, today 2/3/2011, is Uncle Dennis’ birthday!) So, if you see him or talk with him please wish him a happy birthday.

So today, even though I am stuck at school on my Friday till about noon I am going to be renting a car and going up to Ein Gedi (the dead sea) with a friend... yes a person that I may potentially be more than friends with. I am really looking forward to getting away from the very busy environment that I have been in since school started, here in Jerusalem.

Ok, since it's been a couple days since I wrote the blog and forgot to post it, i can tell you all what happened over the weekend. I went to Ein Gedi and it was beautiful. It was raining in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem but the weather in Ein Gedi was beautiful. We walked down to the water (didn't get in) and sat and talked. After spending a couple hours there we came back to Jerusalem. He took me to a place in his neighborhood for was kinda like a KFC but SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!! We talked about going down to Eilat this next weekend because he wants me to meet his friends. So, that's the plan as of now but I will let you know for sure.

I am working really hard on downloading the L'chi Lach, but every time I try to it essentially freezes the computer, so hopefully this week I will have it figured out.

That's essentially it for now, I will obviously let you all know how Eilat is if we end up going :)



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