Monday, November 8, 2010


soooo since I know that I am a terrible blogger and haven't written in G-d knows how long I thought of a really amazing idea! Since uncle Dennis is going to be here in exactly 2 days i thought i would just take what he writes and make comments on it... good idea??? i think sooooooo. (especially since not everyone that follows my blog is on his mailing list)

To give you a minor update before I comment on his email he already sent out here is an update:
1) I made friends with a bus driver who lets me ride the bus for free...WOOHOO!!!! look how good I am at saving money
2) Dmitry sent me a package (for those of you that don't know who Dmitry is... well u can pretty much as anyone in my family and they will be able to tell you) but, the package has yet to arrive, so I am anxious on finally receiving something in the mail.
3) the dried pineapple here is AH-MA-ZING!
4) I have a crock pot here and since it's beginning to get cold here I would love some crock pot recipes.
5)I am pretty sure I am slowly converting my family (and by family i mean Rebecca) over to a MacBook... I am really excited for her!!! Bec-O you'll love it.
6) my apartment is DISGUSTING! For some of you, I know this is going to be hard to believe, but in all seriousness I am the only one that cleans in this place! So i went on petition and didn't mop or anything for 2 weeks and my roommates still didn't get the picture, so finally I gave in a mopped. (Don't worry, i will clean before uncle dennis gets here)
7) i don't think im going to have enough clothes for the winter time... so i will let you know if u need some early hanukkah presents
8) WAY TO GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!
9) the exchange rate SUCKS right now. when i got here it was 3.86 and now it's like 3.5... lets keep our fingers cross that is goes up and for those of you that are close with G-d... maybe you'll wanna look itnto that and say a couple prayers for me.
I think thats it... not for the commentary on Uncle D's 1st email!

Finally...I'm off to Jerusalem bright an early Tuesday morning. Jaqui, I think will be meeting me at the airport in Tel Aviv (this would be a true statement if my teacher would ever get back to me!!!!!) and we'll bus back to her apartment in Jerusalem. She called me this morning to tell me that her antiquities teacher (actually, he's my Biblical History teacher, but who really cares?) has a field trip lined up for the Old City of David on Thursday and I'm invited!!! Luckily the tour will be in English...otherwise Jaqui would have to translate. (so yes, the idea of me translating might sound silly, but I would just like to put this out there... My hebrew is actually pretty good and you all would only be so lucky to have my translate a tour in Hebrew... if anything I would definitely make it more entertaining!!!) WHEW!
It's been hectic at the store...the Giants etc. Thanks to my buddy Gary, I've been getting lots more mdse. than I had ordered or anticipated selling as sales have been unbelievable, to say the least.
I'm looking forward to spending quality time with Jaqui and seeing Jerusalem in much more detail than when I was there 2 years ago for just 5 days. (thanks for the pressure!!!!! I definitley do the best I can. Since I am very confident in my knowledge of the 18 bus line...the bus line my new friend drives... i can atleast explain about those parts of Jerusalem) I'll be spending some time with Bruce, my old best friend from my early days of school and growing up...he lived just around the corner from me, to our college days in Berkeley.
Email me anytime and I'll have access to Jaqui's computer to respond. (While this assumption was never run by me, yes, Uncle D will have access to my computer with some qualifications... i need to use it for school and for school work, so the amount of time he actually spends on the computer is probably going to be less then he is thinking ... also... we all know he has is phone that he never seems to be able to put down, so if he isn't able to use my computer there is no doubt in my mind that you will be able to reach him on his phone. With that being said, I don't know if he is going to have his phone working here... so if anyone needs to get a hold of us please call me on my cell phone here in Israel to which we will then call you from skype!)


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  1. have got to be the number one person who makes me LOL.....seriously!!! are correct....I am officially a the proud owner of a mac, and yes I LOVE IT! Jaqui....the not mopping is HILARIOUS!!! Although I have to say I'm surprised you just didn't say something! Usually you don't beat around the bush! Oh yeah.....saving that is funny!!!! May I ask, how much money you are saving on the bus fare? sure know how to make me laugh! By the that I have a computer camera....guess what....we can see each other....YAY!!! Well skype me soon! LUV YOU