Friday, September 3, 2010

new country, new school, new hair....NEW WOMAN!

yes that is right, yours truly got a hair cut. As much as I swore I would never do it here because i didn't trust anyone i caved. I saw my friend Marina getting her hair cut and she has a similar face shape to me and once I saw how cute her hair looked and couldn't resist. So yes, I will be posting pictures of my new do on this blog plus pictures from Eilat. But for an update of how my first classes went that weren't Ulpan. I loved them. I walked out very happy. One of the classes the teacher talks very fast but he is so in to what he is teaching it is hard to not be enveloped in the information. And my Israel seminar teacher is amazing! but since I know everyone is dying to see the hair and picture from we go!!!!

Ashley and I
Ben and I. Dana told us we look like Edward and Bella from Twilight so we tried to make the faces....i am not sure how successful we actually were? Robynn...what do you think?
Toba and I.
Sam, Me, and Susie. Susie is a Cantorial student that I absolutely adore! She is actually going to be giving me voice lessons once the high holy days are over. She was on broadway for a number of years and starred in cats.
Marina and I with our new hair cuts!
Brian and I
Nina and I
It was Sharon's birthday so of course I have to take a picture with the birthday girl.
Ben and I. We are going to get married becuase of this picture...we are just too cute!
me at the bus station.
a little further away.
the red sea.
me with my snorkeling mask.
at this place you can order a drink from the bar and shop for a pair of jeans....i have never seen anything like it!
the hilton...i wish!
the hilton again.
this looked like the most amazing ride...but since i had just had food i didn't think going on a ride that flips you upside down multiple times was the best idea.
this thing moved if you paid 15 shekels!
there is shrimp in there! yummy!!! this was my dinner while in Eilat.
my friends had muscles lol.
instead of trying to get stuffed animals they are trying to get cigarettes....enough said.
the red sea!
Alexis, Sam, and Carlie on the beach.
look how clear the water!
that's jordan! crazy!!!

Carlie in my new hat. she was scared because there were birds inside the bus station.

That's it I hope you enjoyed!!!!

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