Monday, August 9, 2010

Honeymoon is Over

sorry there hasn't been an update, my life is rather boring at the moment. i go to school and then come home and do hw try and fit some time in for dinner and then go to bed. that's about it. Clearly the honeymoon of being on "vacation" is over.
I did get to go see a movie here is Jerusalem which was quite an experience. I went with my friend Sam and his cousin. First of all they paid for everything which was above and beyond what they should have but they refused to let me pay. Secondly, I think Israel has got this whole seating situation in the movie theater thing totally messed up. First of all there is assigned seating, as if I was going to a baseball game. So my biggest concern was what do you do if someone is sitting in your seat, do you just move somewhere else or do you make them little surprise the Israeli mentality is to make them move. And yes, I got to experience this first hand....there was the couple sitting in our seats and sam's cousin made them move...not something you would experience in an american theater.
There is a disgusting heat wave going through Israel right now and all I want to do is stay inside and stand in a cold shower....I think this might even be worse than Tucson because not only is it hot, but there is the humidity factor to add in. All the Israeli's keep telling me that it is dry, but I tell them they need to go visit Arizona and then they will know what dry is.
Sam keeps telling me that I am going to be the only person successful in the Ulpan program since I am the only one really utilizing my hebrew. And by utilizing he means talking with the people that work at the places next to me and using Hebrew as much as possible...we'll just have to wait and see if it keeps improving throughout the year.
I am sad to announce that I still have yet to receive a package and Oma is still my favorite. (sorry to the rest of you). When i got my letter from Oma I was soooo happy. Like I said before you should all follow her example.
MOM! I forgot to tell you when I was on the phone with you earlier today that last night for an extra ed night we went to our teachers house to eat dinner and watch a movie. We watched Mr. Hollands Opus! I thought of you immediately.
Ok, that's all for now. Love you all!!!

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